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How long will it take to create my wedding web site?

Most custom web sites are ready in 7-10 working days after the text and photos have been submitted.  If you have chosen to customize a template, it may take up to 14 working days.  The All-in-One Web Page can often be completed in 2-3 days.  If you need your site sooner, contact our designer.  We can often accommodate even the most hurried of schedules.


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Who creates my web site?  Is this a do-it-yourself site?

Every part of your wedding web site is designed and created by our web site designer.  All you have to do is tell us what you want on your site and we do the rest.

Can the templates be customized?

If you choose a custom wedding website, colors, fonts, and text are all adaptable to your needs and desires.  These modifications are included at no additional cost.   Please see the Customize Your Site Page to view our wide variety of fonts and other choices you have in creating your site.  If you choose one of our All-in-One Web Page designs, you may view your choices on the All-in-One Services page.  See the Services Page for a comparison of our different website options.

What if I want to update my site or add more content?

Adding Pages:
As you celebrate all the events of your wedding, we'll be happy to add to your custom site to allow you to share the festivities with your family and friends.  New pages can be made at the same rate as original pages.  See the Services Page for more information on pricing.  Some pages you might like to add include showers, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding ceremony and reception photos, thank you's, and honeymoon photos.  You are also free to add any ideas of your own.  After all, it's your site.  

Site Updates:
We know that wedding plans evolve over time, so we are happy to update information whenever necessary. Since our designer creates each site by hand, however, it's always appreciated if you can submit accurate and up-to-date information and try to limit updates to necessary information rather than changes of mind. 

What will my web domain name/address be?

You have two options for choosing your domain name:

How long can my site be hosted and how can I renew my domain name once it expires?

We can host your site for as long as you would like.  All of our website choices include a year of free hosting.  Hosting can be extended beyond this time for $5 per month.  If you have a unique domain name, additional hosting beyond a year must also include a renewal of your unique domain name since domain name registration lasts for one year and may only be bought in one year increments.  The fee for renewing the domain name is $25 per year and additional hosting is priced at $5 per month.  

Can I have my own email address to use with my site?

Yes, if you have chosen to create a unique domain name for your site, we can set up one or more email accounts to go with your domain name.  The accounts are accessible via POP3 programs such as Outlook Express.  The cost is $10 per year per account.  A separate, temporary email address is highly recommended if you choose to include contact information on your site or will be receiving form emails from features such as a guest book or wedding RSVP.  Each Celebrate Our Lives email account is given 5 megabytes of storage.  


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Can I have a password for my wedding web site?

Yes, you can choose to add a username and password to restrict visitors to your wedding web site.  If you are using a guest book, a wedding RSVP form or placing any contact or personal information on your wedding web site, we highly recommend that you use this security feature.  Unfortunately, some visitors to sites choose to post inappropriate material to vulnerable sites and this feature enables us to stop this activity before it starts. 

How much does it cost to protect my site?

There is no charge for this feature.

What can be done if someone posts something inappropriate to my guest book?

If you have chosen not to have a username and password added and have problems with security we will gladly remove any offensive posts from your site (a post to a guest book, for example) and then install security for free.  

How do the username and password work?

When we create your site, we will use the username and password you choose to create a login for your wedding guests.  You may distribute the username and password to anyone you choose.  

What if my pictures aren't the same size or shape as those in the template?

Our designer can crop pictures to fit your chosen custom design or make minor adjustments in the layout to accommodate them.  These alterations are made at no additional cost on our custom sites.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.

How do I send you my photos?

Digital copies of photos are preferable and can be sent via email.  The pictures should be in the JPEG or GIF format (JPEG is preferred).  

What if I don't own a digital camera or a scanner?

Photo scanning can be done at copy and print shops and film can be developed and placed on CDs at most film processing centers.  These photos can then be emailed to us.  Pictures can also be sent to us via conventional mail and we will scan them in for you. The fee for scanning and touch-ups is $1 per photo.  If you would like your photos returned, please send them with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  However, we highly advise against sending photos that are irreplaceable.