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The wedding song library is bigger and better than ever with over 700 songs in categories ranging from classical for the ceremony to the latest love songs. 

We've added more lyrics, more audio samples ...even links to the sheet music for your band or soloist.

Favorite Wedding Songs

Wedding Tips is pleased to provide you with the following
suggestions of wedding music for your special day.

Whether you choose a Band, DJ, or Ceremony Musician, music is an essential part of your big day. We have compiled a large library of wedding music to make your wedding a fun filled, day to remember. There are over 1,200 wedding songs broken down by categories and sub-categories. Click on a category to see wedding song titles and listen to sound clips of popular wedding songs. WedAlert also features audio, and video clips of top wedding bands, and performers.

The bride & groom's first dance is always a memorable part of any
wedding. We've compiled a list of the songs couples use for
this important dance... We've also included Parent Dances
and a variety of other specialty songs for the reception.
This list is updated quarterly, so check back often!!!


Welcome to New Traditions Wedding Music - a company specializing in new songs and music for your wedding. "A Song For My Son" - the first song for the Mother and Groom dance - is featured on this New Traditions Wedding Music collection. Also included are songs for the father of the bride, the wedding party, bride and groom's first dance, mother and daughter, father and son, and Classical Ceremony music. These songs are available on CD's, Piano Sheet Music and Lyrics Suitable To Frame.

As unique and special as your love –
a song custom composed for your wedding or special occasion by a professional songwriter.

The song is based on an interview with you as a couple, by an award-winning songwriter, who can also perform it and be your special Wedding Singer.

Wedding Song
words and music by Arlo Guthrie

Poor Adam alone in Eden
Taking off his shoes
Tired of running around all morning
From his animal interviews

He awoke with a hand on his brow
Askign who are you
They spent the rest of their lives together
Making their debuts
Dressed in leaves and wearing blues

Some say one thing, some say two
Ain't much about it anyone can do
Keep on walking till my soles wear through
Wearing away my shoes

Evening comes and the sky turns red
Clouds of colors cover up our heads
Ain't it something just to lie here in bed
Just me and you

Oh Mary, wrapped up in glory
What are you going to tell your groom
How's he going to feel on the day of your wedding
What will your friends assume

Oh, but Joseph and Mary were married
The angels carried the news
What the Lord has joined together
The world must not undo

Thene's a wedding down at the church this morning
Let's uo wish them well
It's a beautiful day for getting married
I hope the weather lasts as well

It's been years since we've been married
I know we paid some dues
Now ain't it something just to lie here together
Just me and you
Outlasting the blues

©1979 Arloco music Inc (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved.




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grammy/Emmy-winning pros offer new choices for the Father/Daughter song, Mother/Son song and more… plus updated arrangements of favorite classics. This collection also includes fresh new songs for stepparents, mentors, unity candle, and more, all created exclusively for weddings.

The right wedding music at the right time, the perfect wedding song at the perfect moment, create the emotions that memories are made of.

The best wedding songs are the ones most personal and meaningful to you and your family. The writers who write and produce songs and music for TV and film have the special ability, know-how and experience to write wedding songs that magically relate to the moment without becoming too sentimental or 'sappy'.


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