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The Story of the Wedding Photo

This is a photo I took when Kelly and I were in Maine near
a famous beach called York Beach. It's known for a light
house that has been in thousands of photos.

I was taking black & white photos all afternoon. When
we were about to leave we saw a limo pull up and a "just
married" couple get out.

As they walked down to the water I asked if I could take
a few pictures of them and they said okay.

I then went to set up the photo. I told the bride to grab her 
veil and step forward as if the wind was blowing and told her 
husband to hold up the back of her dress. Then I asked them 
both to turn and look at an island in the distance.

I wanted to get a feeling of them "looking out to their future".
I also wanted to make the photo look old and classic.

When I was done I asked if I could get their address and told
them I was going to have the photo professionally matted and
framed. All I asked in return was for them to take a picture of
the photo hanging on the wall and send it to me.

When I was at the framing store I looked at the photo in 
the matting and thought it needed a title. Right away a title
came to mind. I signed it and wrote "Boundless"

After a few months I received 2 photos of the picture hanging
in their home and a letter. The bride wrote that anyone who 
comes to the house asks about the photo and she tells them 
about the stranger who asked to take their photo.

On an ironic note; the couple were suppose to have additional 
wedding photos taken on the beach that day, but the wedding 
photographer lost the limo in traffic and never found the beach.

This photo is the only one they have (along with an unframed 
frontal photo I also gave them)


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