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A Guide to Music for Your Wedding

This document is designed to help you select and locate music suitable for your wedding. It lists both recordings and printed music available in the University of Virginia Music Library. It does not attempt to be all-inclusive but tries to be representative of the types and styles of music available for weddings of all kinds.

You should consult with your organist and/or musicians as early in the planning process for your wedding as you can. They can provide valuable advice about which of the pieces listed here (or other music you may choose) will sound best in your church or wherever your wedding will take place.

The selections included here are grouped in several ways. First there is a list of pieces for which you can listen to brief excerpts on your computer, if your Web browser and computer are equipped to play back recorded sound. These files are stored in .AIF format. Copyright regulations and limitations of disk space prohibit the Library from making entire recordings available via this Web document. You are welcome to come to the Music Library, however, and listen to these pieces in their entirety. 

Following the excerpt list is a discography of recordings in the Music Library that contain wedding music, including the pieces excerpted here. Compact disc, record, and tape numbers found in the category lists below also refer to this discography.

Next, there are listings by several categories of music, including

Finally, there is a list of magazine articles that discuss how to go about choosing appropriate music for your wedding and other considerations relating to hiring musicians.

In addition to using this document, you may wish to consult a staff member in the Music Library about any questions you have regarding wedding music and how to obtain it. You may do so in person or by calling the Library at 924-7041 or by sending electronic mail to MUSICLIB@VIRGINIA.EDU. The Music Library welcomes your comments regarding the usefulness of this document and your suggestions for additional titles to include or ways to make it more useful.



Wedding ceremony music, also known as nuptial music, consists of classical selections whose moods and tempos are suited for the traditional wedding ceremony. Many of these pieces, such as the Wedding Marches by both Wagner and Mendelssohn, are synonymous with the wedding ceremony.

This, however, does not mean that other classical music cannot be substituted for certain nuptial selections. Your musicians are more likely to know a nuptial selection and your guests are more likely to recognize and associate it with a wedding ceremony. A suitable non-nuptial selection may, however, create a lasting impression with your guests. Don't be afraid to ask your musicians about a non-nuptial classical selection. Some are more than happy to increase their repertoire.

For a religious ceremony, you should first check with your clergy to find the limitations on material and instrumentation, if any. Proceedings go much more smoothly for you, your music providers, and your clergy when these guidelines are followed.

If you want a non-nuptial selection, remember to consult your music provider. An experienced provider can tell you if the piece is suitable for a certain part of the ceremony.

Envision a wedding that will reflect your musical taste, correct etiquette and personal style . . . The Wedding Music Information Source will empower you with the knowledge to make your dreams become a reality.

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Through the expertise and experience of a professional organist, Joan Haff . . .

     graduate of the Eastman School of Music (Master of Music)
     organist for hundreds of weddings
    church organist for over twenty years
     member of the American Guild Of Organists
     public school music educator for over fifteen years
     graduate of the State University of New York College at Fredonia (Bachelor of Music)

 . the Wedding Music Information Source Ultimate Catalog of Music for the Wedding Ceremony has been created . This catalog lists hundreds of appropriate music selections by title, composer/arranger and publisher, enabling you, the bride and groom, to effectively communicate your musical wishes to your officiate, organist and music service provider. Along with your purchase of The Catalog, I will offer you a free personal consultation, via email, to answer your many questions in choosing your wedding ceremony music. Musicians who perform in weddings will find this catalog to be an invaluable resource.

The Wedding Music Information Source is also pleased to provide for you a valuable List of Wedding Musicians, Bands and DJs who specialize in providing wedding music.

Please revisit the Wedding Music Information Source website frequently for more innovative wedding music services.



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