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Romantic Maui Weddings arranges weddings at any and all locations on Maui. We arrange Helicopter and Yacht weddings also. However, we do not want you to choose a location that is difficult to get to or that might be in a rainy area. We would advise you on these issues

 Beach Coves and Parks: There are many on Maui. The best ones are located on the South and West sides of the island. The weather is perfect and the scenery is incredible. There are no fees for these grounds and no reservations are necessary, therefore you might run into other weddings going on at the same location. Most beach coves are large enough to accomodate a few weddings at the same time without them getting in the way of each other but if it is privacy you are seeking, it is best to reserve a private location. If you are on a tight budget this is still the best way to go.

 Hotels: All of the Hotels have a fee whether or not you are their guest. Most of the Hotels do allow non guests to use their property for weddings. Fees range from $350.00 to $2,200.00. When using Hotel grounds all cake and champagne must be ordered from them.

 Condominiums: These are a little less expensive and some do allow their guests to use the grounds at no charge. We are allowed to bring our own cakes and champagne to most of these locations. Some have beautiful grounds and even Gazebos and Waterfalls that make for a wonderful wedding. After the ceremony we can still go down to the beach for photography.

 Churches: There are many quaint churches on Maui that are available for weddings. Most ask for a donation of at least $200. The Wailea Seaside Chapel is $2000.00 to $2,500.00. All Catholic weddings have to be performed in the church. Some Churches are located near enough to the ocean to still be able to relocate for sunset photos.

 Yachts: We frequently use sailing yachts for an off shore wedding. Needless to say the view and photography are fabulous. It can be windy but wonderful. The cost of the yacht depends on how many people are involved. A small group of 7 people can get a 2 hour cruise for as little as $350.00. The best time to do this is at sunset.

 Helicopters: We can arrange to wisk you off to some remote site by Helicopter if you wish. Weather is the major factor here. It is usually sunny somewhere on Maui so we just change locations if it is raining at your choice. You are also limited to a few people and it is costly. Approximately $1100.00 for the charter.



Under the big blue Texas sky

Say your vows under a bright, blue Texas sky. From flower-filled gardens to rustic ranches to a wedding on the waves, the Hill Country offers many outdoor locations to hold your ceremony or reception.

On City Grounds

Reserve one of the beautiful properties maintained by the City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department.

These facilities include indoor and outdoor accommodations. Commons Ford Ranch, Fiesta Gardens, Mayfield Park, Reicher Ranch, and Zilker Botanical Garden are all venues that are available for private rental. Capacity varies from a small party of 20 to hundreds of guests. Some facilities include table and chair rentals in the price, others do not.

Make Your Memories Last Forever. The planners at Mountain Lake Weddings seriously consider the selection of wedding sites, and remove the strain of arranging details. So whether you’re considering a garden wedding, wedding chapel or other unusual wedding location, we help you select the best site for your special desires.

Imagine Lake Tahoe's most Romantic Wedding Sites and Locations –

Imagine an Elegant Country Chapel, a setting sure to produce many charming memories - or, one of Tahoe's breathtaking natural wedding locations including: Chapels, Vistas, Estates, private lakeside or riverside, hot air balloon rides, horse and sleigh setting, ski, snowshoe, and snowmobile settings, a private yacht, rustic church, Emerald Bay and many more unique sites, locations and chapels.



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Wedding Locations - Tahoe's Loveliest Site

Enter secluded garden chapels, nestled among towering pines, whispering aspens, climbing vines, 2 lovers fountains & a mountain of 1000 lush flowers fill the background. Truly a memory to be cherished. Times are very limited for the Award Winning Garden locations so Call Soon for availability!

Lake Tahoe's World Famous Country Wedding Chapel.

One of the most rustic chapels available, with antique brass seating, handcrafted plush cushions, knotty cedar walls, river rock fireplace, and 15 candles including unity candle ceremony, floral baskets, beautiful indoor waterfall, and hand made Tiffany chandeliers that can be brightened or dimmed to complete the warm charm of its romantic atmosphere. Times are very limited for the Country Chapel so Call Soon for availability!



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