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Thank you for submitting your ideas.

For a unique party favor my groom and I are giving out lottery tickets. Only $1 each.. I will have a note in the program stating the tickets were chosen because we are so lucky to have our family and friends with us on our wedding day.
I will also add a line that all winnings will need to be split with the bride and groom!

I am getting married on June 16, 2001.  Instead of having an ordinary guestbook, that you hardly will look at again, I am going to create a photo guest book.  My guestbook attendants will take polaroids of each guest... either individually or in a group, however they come, and put it on the pages of the guestbook/scrapbook.  The guests will then sign on the bottom of their picture.  My fiance and I will then have a photo album of all the guests at our wedding! :) GST

No rice - BALLOONS!  The bride's theme colors were pinks, lavendar and purple (Bridesmaids dresses and bouquets)and rice throwing was prohibited.  The bride's brothers ordered helium and filled pink balloons just before the ceremony, and placed them in a stattion wagon.  Guests were given the balloons outside after the ceremony.  As the newlyweds exited the church - much to their surprise & delight - 200 pink balloons were released.  It was quite a beautiful and emotional sight!  (It did require a permit from the airport due to air traffic, however!)



Since this is a second marriage and there are children that will be blended into a new family, we are decorating the tables at the reception with photo trees holding photos of my future husband and I and our children doing things together. We feel it shows that this marriage is not the union of just two people, but the formation of a new family.

We had a shortage of single men and women invited to our wedding, most of our friends and family were already married.  So we needed to come up with something different to replace the traditional bouquet and garter throwing.  We invited everyone to the dance floor and the dj played several lovely, slow songs.  First the dj told all couples married two hours or less to sit down (everyone got a kick out of that).  Then a few moments later, any married a year or less, than five years, ten years and so on, until there was only one couple left.  They were neighbors and friends of my family and had been married for fifty years.  We asked them to stay on the dance floor while I took a seat and my husband made a big show of removing my garter.  We then faced the winning couple, congratulated them on their fifty years and asked them for their best marriage advice as we presented them with the bouquet and garter.  They were very touched and it gave us a great feeling too.

My husband and I wanted to make sure we had plenty of pictures of our wedding. So along with the photographer, we placed disposable cameras on every table at the reception. We had some really great pictures. Also, a friend of mine just got married, and instead of having the annoying clinking of the glasses, she had little bells with cards that said "ring these bells to wish the couple well". People rang them constantly, but it was a sweeter sound than glasses.

My future husband prefers to wear shorts and baseball hats. So we have decided to alter a tux into shorts. He will also wear a custom made baseball hat that says " I DO " on one side and " JUST MARRIED " on the other. It will be the same colors as our color scheme. I am wearing a custom made dress I designed myself to compliment his " tux". I will be barefoot with intricate beaded " slave anklets ".

We are having 4 flowergirls in our wedding next August (2001), with my daughter as one of them.  Instead of boys for ring bearers, we are having 2 of my nieces (both in their 20's) walk down the aisle in the same dress as the the bridesmaids, but they will be holding the wedding bands.  This way they will be able to be bridesmaids as well as having the honor of carrying the rings. 

My fiance' is 6'5 and I am 5'2 so for our wedding kiss I am going to step up on a little white footstole decorated with lace!
We thought it would be cute and it would save the awkwardness of our first kiss as husband and wife.


**Because both my father and only brother are deceased, I plan on asking my mother, who raised me and my brother by herself to give me away.  But, we don't want to leave my dad and brother out, so I plan on lighting two candles at the beginning of the ceremony, so they are there "with us". 
**For our table centerpieces at the reception, we are having glass bowls surrounded by light colored roses with roses floating in the bowl.  Plus, there will be goldfish in the water, under the roses.  It's something unusual for our guests to see when they sit down.

To save money, we decided to hand deliver some of our invitations.  To make it a little more unique, we are going to lean on a medievil theme and roll them up like scrolls tied with ribbons matching our wedding colors. 

A friend of mine who is getting married 2 weeks after me made the suggestion that she will have a table with a candle and a picture of her grandfater.  During the unity candle lighting, she will light the candle on the table with her grandfaters picture.  It is a way to honor and remember him on her special day.  My idea stems from hers only my husband to be will also have a candle on his side to honor both of our grandfathers who have passed on.


I got married in Dec. of 1999 and had a huge wedding.  We weren't really sure what to do for favors for the guests, but i wanted to do something unique, so we had coozies made up with our name and wedding date and two wedding bands intertwined- They coozies were black with white writing and everyone loved them. We had a open bar at the reception and so when we gave them out, everyone put there beer in them and carried them around all night. Now when we go to parties it is so neat because at least 2 people have our coozie with them and it makes our day. i liked the idea because it is so practical and I knew people would use them.  It wasn't too expensive around 350.00- we only has about 250 made for 400 guests, because not everyone comes to the reception and we didn't give them out until about 8:30pm, so only the people that were there got
one and we didn't have any left.  It was a great idea.

After we were announced husband and wife and walked up the aisle together to the back of the church, we returned back down the aisle to escort our parents out instead of having the ushers do it - our parents were surprised and everyone thought it was a great gesture.

My Fiance and I were in Corona-Del-Mar, on a vacation, and while cruzing a local mall we came across a neat shop.  It was a shop where you can pick your own piece of pottery, then paint it. The shop will "fire it" for you, and then you pick it up a couple days later.  Well, they also had glass things you could paint.  I said to my fiance that it would be neat to paint our own glasses for the wedding toast.  And we did!  Not only was it a cheep idea ( totaling $25.00 ), but also something we did together, and will last a life time.  They turned out GREAT!



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