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 Great Wedding Hair Do's
L'Image Salons Dallas

Classic Cameo
The bride is picture-perfect when spray-gelled hair is dry-rolled all over. Curls are lightly teased at the base. All hair is then gathered up in a large, round crown and loosely held in place with bobby pins. A headpiece with veil is attached around the crown, and tendrils are pulled free from each side. Hair and makeup by Paige Reed. Photo by Dayton Mast. L'Image Salons, Dallas.

Nineties Hepburn
Dramatic streaks offer the bride a sophisticated look. All hair except that which frames the face is pulled into a topknot with a hair elastic, which is camouflaged with a strand of hair. A bun is formed, and remaining hair is swept back into it, exposing contrasting streaks. A veil is attached at the base of the bun. Hair and makeup by Jeanell Parkman. Photo by Dayton Mast. L'Image Salons, Dallas.

I Do-Hairdo
Fine, short hair looks bridal-beautiful when teased all over, then smoothed back and pinned in an oval shape. Sweet curls are created with a curling iron, and a veil is fastened with pins below. A tendril is loosed at each ear for innocent look. Hair by Freedom Priddy. Makeup by Amy shires. Photo by Dayton Mast. L'Image Salons, Dallas.

Avant Garde
Romance reigns with large pin curls and an elegant chignon. Hair is lightly teased and parted on the right side. Hair at the crown is divided into several sections which are looped to the left in flat curls and fastened with bobby pins. Back section is pulled into a low ponytail and secured with a covered elastic. The veil pinned at the nape completes the look. Hair by Natalie. Makeup by Jeanell Parkman. Photo by Dayton Mast. L'Image Salons, Dallas.

Garden Girl
A dreamy daytime look is the result when medium rollers are used on damp hair and set under a dryer. Rollers are then removed, and curls are brushed out loosely. Hair is twisted up and pinned. Lace adds a touch of romance, and curls are arranged for a tousled effect. Hair and makeup by Chris Epperson. Photo by Dayton Mast. L'Image Salons, Dallas.

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Wedding Hair

This section covers everything you need to know about getting your hair in great condition in time for your big day. Itís packed with loads of tricks of the trade and expert styling tips to guarantee youíll be turning heads as you walk down the aisle.

Whether you want to colour your hair, get added shine, or donít know how to care for your particular hair type, weíve got it covered. If youíre having trouble finding a headdress thereís lots of ideas on what to wear in your hair to help you find a look thatís right for you. Weíve also put together some easy to follow step-by-step hair styles, what more inspiration could you need?

Which Wedding Hair Style is Right for You?
Gretchen Maurer says that the answer to this question most definitely depends on the wedding dress you have chosen. But first, ...
Creating a strong relationship is WAY more important that creating a great hair style. Right? "Here Are 1000 Questions That Can Help You Make Sure You're On the Right Track."


The Art of Wedding Hair
by Gretchen Maurer
Hair! What subject has produced more fears, tears and rituals, bottles, brushes, and headlines than that of the almighty coiffeur? Any bad hair day is cause enough for us to shutter, stutter and utter "what will I do with my hair"??? Add the wedding day to to this dilemma and there is coiffeur confusion, mad rushes to the magazine rack and tears begging our trusted stylist for help. Bridal hair specialist and author of The Business of Bridal Beauty, as well as creator of, Gretchen Maurer has some excellent tips to offer. She is also a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants.

Wedding Hair Styles: "Start With the Wedding Gown"
Maurer says to start with the dress because, "the brides total bridal look has to be taken into consideration, every thing must balance. The brides dress choice sets the tone for the entire ceremony and the hair design has to evoke the same feeling."
Wedding Hair Styles: "The Dress Even Determines Texture..."
"Believe it or not the wedding gown can also dictate the texture of the finished hair design. A smooth, shiny Updo of curls or glossy stick straight hair complements a smooth satin gown. Where a gown of sweeping tulle is beautifully accented by soft flowing curls."
Wedding Hair Styles: "...and the Silhouette!"
"Your look from head to toe has a silhouette, either horizontal or vertical. A full skirt is horizontal and best balanced by a wider hair design and or full veiling. A vertical look being narrow and slim is complemented by a hair design of the same lines; it could be a bob tucked behind the ears or a narrow pile of curls on top of the head."
Wedding Hair Styles: The Historical Time Period of the Gown
"No, we are not back in school. But is there a period of history your gown reflects? Theme weddings such as renaissance or swing make a great excuse to have some creative fun with your hair."
Wedding Hair Styles: Balance and Proportion
"Again the full effect needs to balance. The bride with short hair who is wearing an ornate full traditional dress needs to remember to balance her look with the appropriate headpiece. Like wise the petite bride with too much hair might think about wearing it up to draw the eye vertically."
Wedding Hair Styles: Time of Day
"Next to the dress, the time of day should have some bearing on the hairstyle and headpiece you choose." Maurer suggests for a day or morning wedding less glitz and sparkle. "Save the crystals, sparkle and tiaras for more formal evening weddings. Headbands, flowers, wreaths, and hats are perfect for day or morning ceremonies."
This article was adapted from an article by professional wedding hair stylist Gretchen Maurer. Maurer has over 18 years of experience in wedding beauty, including having done her share of flower girls! She is the author of The Business of Bridal Beauty , which includes a section devoted to the flower girl. She is also the creator of a web site strictly devoted to wedding hairstyles. She has two daughters of her own and can speak from personal experience!

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