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The Wedding Hairstyle

1 month from wedding
Schedule an in-salon hairstyling rehearsal for wedding party. Have everyone bring wedding hairstyle pictures they've selected. Include mother of the bride and flower girls. Discuss groom's hairstyle. Schedule appointment for groom and groomsmen to have hair cut at least one week prior to wedding. Bride should have hair trimmed, cut and shaped. Have your hair color or highlights done.

Wedding Day
Have hair styled several hours before wedding so you're not rushed. Schedule makeup application after wedding hairstyle, especially if your hair will be washed and styled. Bring along your maid of honor or a friend for support and to keep you calm!

Honeymoon Hair Care
Bring along hair care products with SPF protection if you're in the sun. Wear a hat to protect hair and face. Bring hair conditioner to protect from sun, chlorine, or salt water. HairCare Suggestions: Revitalizing Conditioner, Intensive Conditioner. Protect the beautiful hair you've worked so hard to get for your wedding!

Have you decided how you are going to wear your hair for your wedding? Up? Down? With flowers? Jewels? Veil? No veil? Tiara?

There are lots of formal wedding hairstyle choices and deciding can be stressful. Here are some tips for deciding how to wear your hair for your big day!

First, it's a good idea to browse some bridal magazines to see some styles. You need to know what is out there and what will feel right for you. Cut out some of your favorite bridal hairstyles and ask your mom, sister, and closest friend what they think of those "dos". They may have some insight into a wedding hairstyle that you hadn't thought of. Just remember, when it comes down to it, it is your choice and you can wear your hair however you will feel your best!

Next, once you think you have it narrowed down. Make an appointment with your hair salon to give it a practice run. If they will let you, show up with your hair already wet so they don't have to wash it (often a large expense of getting your hair styled is the washing before!).

Or, if you are going to have a friend or relative do your hair, invite them over to practice. Either way, wear the formal hairstyle for a couple of hours to get the feel of it. Will your hair stay? Are there uncomfortable pins poking you? Do you still like your hair a few hours later?

Don't forget, if you want to put flowers or jewels in your hair to account for these as well. If you are going with fresh flowers, it may be quite expensive to have a practice run. On the other hand, it may be a very good idea to see how long the flowers will last and what they will look like after a couple of hours of wear. You may discover they lose their beauty after a couple of hours, and you may not want wilted flowers in your hair on your wedding day.

Also check out your craft store. They have lots of accessories that may look great in your hair. Browse a bit and see if there is anything you like. If there is, make sure to practice your hair with them in.

Finally, don't forget to account for the style of your veil. You may be the type of bride who chooses the veil first and that decides the hair style, or you may choose your hair style and then pick a veil accordingly. Either way, if you plan on wearing a veil, don't forget that your hairdo may be limited by it.

Here are a couple of websites that might help you out in your decision.

Wedding Hairstyles - this is a very nice site that has wedding hairstyles for all kinds of hair (with photos!). They sell kits to take to your salon or have your friend use when they do your hair.

Bridal Hairstyles - this site has step-by-step instructions for some styles with pictures to help out or give you ideas.

Other Tips:


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Hairstyles & Formal Updos Created With Hair Sticks

LongLocks HairSticks can be used to create a variety of different hairstyles, with a variety of different hair types, from shoulder length to very long hair. You can choose to use hair sticks as anchors for your hair style and show almost none of the stick, or in the case of the more beautifully ornate LongLocks hair accessories such as LongLocks GossamerStix or LongLocks DecoStix, use them as decorative hair jewelry so more of the exquisite detail of the hair accessories shows. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless, hair sticks are appropriate for everything from creating everyday hairstyles to formal updos for prom to romantic wedding hair styles. With extremely little practice you will find LongLocks HairSticks to be both versatile and essential tools in easily creating elegant hairstyles, and will even find yourself creating new styles of your own!

Wedding Hairstyles

 The Internet is a great source for wedding hairstyles. There are many webpages
 with great wedding hair ideas. Since the hairstyle of the bride is one of the
 important parts of the wedding planning, it's well worth browsing through the
 many wedding hairstyles pictures that are available on the Net.
 Also check the following related pages at Hairfinder:

The best of the wedding hair styles are available on the net. Choose your style.
Preparing for the wedding day is both enjoying and stressful. Dream Weavers and hair stylists have been taking the stress out of wedding days since ages.

Wedding hair styles

A soft and tidy look is perhaps what's wanted. Your hair style should match your face cut, complement your face make-up. See tips for wedding hair styles.

The best wedding hair styles available on the net. Take a tour.

Styling tips

Styling starts right from washing your hair for your special day. Make sure that your hair have gathered enough luster while washing itself. Then comes drying which should be gentle. If your hair look limp, blow dry your hair with your head down to increase volume. When three-fourth dry, start styling.