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Wedding Decoration

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You choose the place, and we will create the right ambience for you.
We also do decoration for the weddings right from a small corner in the house to a Hall or Terrace where functions are arranged. You could contact us for the following:
Invitation cards: We also print and make exclusive wedding invitation cards.
Decorative envelopes: We also supply decorative envelopes for weddings for the purpose of gifting money. We have a wide range of designs.
Decoration for weddings include :

Rangoli: Rangoli give an ethnic and a festive feel to the place, we do Rangoli using fresh flowers which last only for a day and also using different materials, which lasts for as long as a week.
Aarti’s: Fancy aarti’s done using fresh flowers, other fancy materials etc for pooja.
Pots: Decorative pots done for Ghari, decorative piece etc.
Trays: Decorative trays made for the purpose of presenting gifts etc.

Tie the knot with our beautiful Lucky Ring™ bamboo arrangements! Send the best of love and happiness in a circle of love forever. The Lucky Ring™ bamboo make your Wedding (center piece), or Anniversary extra special!

Lucky Bamboo Gift Specials
We have many gift ideas to choose from for that special loved one or for business and corporate functions.

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Looking for wedding decoration ideas for your church, reception, banquet, cake, etc? We have listed professional decorators and supplies including butterflies, candles, doves, balloons and more. If you are in search of decoration ideas, our planning guide can help you find the best decorations for your local wedding.

Unique Wedding Decorations and Wedding Decorating Ideas

Looking for unique wedding decorations? Marie Versailles Studios is proud to present a collection of unique posters (both framed and unframed) featuring reproductions of original paintings by Marie Versailles. These posters are perfect for for adding an artistic element to your wedding decorations.



Wedding decoration can play in important role in the look an feel of the wedding reception room. Moreover, wedding receptions are often events that require a large amount of color coordination. This article is designed to provide some advice on wedding decorations and will provide a few tips for selecting and setting up your wedding decorations.

Clearly the use of color is something that needs to be fixed before you attempt to select your wedding decorations. The colors for the ceremony and the reception set the boundaries for the colors and types of decorations that you will have. Most wedding recpetions have 2 or 3 colors with one color the main one and the other two accent colors. The wedding decoration colors should match the overall color scheme.

The table cloth, the linens, and other table items are another thing to think about. The table cloth sets the tone for all of the tables - and consequently, everything that goes on them. If you select the table cloth, you will have gone a long way toward selecting the decorations for the room.

The centerpieces are also very important wedding decorations and should be selected after the table cloths and linens. The centerpieces are typically made of flowers. Decorated candles also work quite well as cetnerpieces for a wedding receitpion. Some people also use seasonal greens or decide to create their own centerpieces for the reception. Often, your florist will be able to help you select the centerpieces.

Another thing to consider are the general room decorations. These decorations should be slected to complement the overall look and shape of the room. Some people choose to use streamer or to drape other types of items like seasonal green across the window sills. The lighting can also be important. Semi dim lighting is good, but not too dim to not be able to see anything. In addition, decorations like candles and accent pieces can be used according to the color scheme.

The main thing to remember is that it is your wedding. as long as it is tasteful, you can decorate the reception hall however you want to. Please be sure to enjoy your wedding.

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