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Straw Hat
Beci, Clackamas, OR

I'm having a garden wedding! My mom and I bought straw hats at a local craft store. We are going to decorate them with silk flowers and ribbon then place them in the middle of each table.

Wishing Well
Cynthia, Houston, TX

Put pens, paper, and a wishing well on the tables for centerpieces. Guests can put advice,  best wishes, little notes, etc...  I will decorate the wells to match the theme, and colors of my wedding.

Ice Sculptures
Kelly, South Carolina

I am putting baby ice sculptures on each table. It doesn't cost as much as you would think.

Love Poems
Lori, New York, NY

For a very romantic touch, have a calligrapher write out different love poems (by Pablo Neruda, E.E. Cummings, the Brownings, or your favorite poet) and place them in  antique silver picture frames.  Surround the frame with roses, and you have your centerpieces!

Wrought Iron Birdcages
Kristin, Mendham, NJ

They are green and my Mother and I are spray painting them gold (antique effect) then placing votive candles inside with sprays of pale gold leaves at the base.

The reason behind our choice was the need for a centerpiece that would could be reused. My reception will be on my parents property and since the tents we rented would be at our disposal until that Monday, we decided to have brunch for all of our out-of-town guests and family the day after the wedding.  Since flowers would wilt, we came up with the idea of the BIRDCAGE!

Fish Bowl
Leigh, Tampa, Florida

Our centerpieces will be an ivy bowl on a mirror tile and a beta fighting fish inside it. You can add colored river rock (from a pet supply store) to the bottom of the bowl for extra color. This works great if your colors are jewel tones. Place a plastic bag under the tile so that your guests can take home the fish after the reception - kids love it!

Wedding Cake
Mamie, Rochester, NY

Rather than have a wedding cake and then a sheet cake for the guests, we are using the cake as the centerpiece. Each table will have a cake on a stand with a few flowers on top and tea candles around it. The table for the bride and groom will have a two tiered cake instead of one with our custom centerpiece.

We found the price for 20 round cakes was similar to sheet cakes and a huge wedding cake and they make an interesting centerpiece. (P.S. the cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting.)

Champagne Buckets
Lori, Citrus Heights, CA

We are using aluminum champagne buckets as the centerpieces. Inside will be a bottle of champagne. Balloons will be hung above in our colors with ribbon hanging down. And we are using food coloring and water to make colored ice cubes for the buckets. We'll have Hershey Kisses around the table. The champagne is something we need to get anyway so it's perfect.

Hurricane Lamps with a Twist
Leigh, Tampa

We're using 16" hurricane globes with glass Christmas balls inside it. You can match the colors very easily to your event and the balls are very inexpensive to use.




50th Golden Wedding
Balloon Centerpiece Kit

Not everyone can say they've been married 50 years. So why not make it special with the Golden Wedding Centerpiece.

This 50th anniversary party will be as big as there wedding day, so don't hold back, make it glamour's eye stunning event. The Golden Wedding centerpiece will add allegiance and glamour to the special day. Family and friends will be impressed with this elegant centerpiece and astonished that you made it.

Professional designers will charge you for setup and break down - Why waste money. Do it yourself and save! It's comes with everything you need balloons, tulle, templates, pear beading, and easy step-by-step instructions.

The Golden Wedding centerpiece uses the ClearPedestal system, which can be used over and over with many other designs. Instructions were designed by Magical Balloon-dude Dale a professional balloon entertainer and has a Masters degree in Communication and Training.

Balloons included are pure latex and are biodegradable.

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