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Magical Beginnings Butterfly Farms provides live Monarch butterflies for release at your wedding or special event. What could be more appropriate than to make your own wedding vows on the wings of a butterfly? It is a special meaning for all to watch as your butterflies are released, and your vows are taken up to the heavens to be granted.
We are one of the largest butterfly farms in North America and we take great care in producing some of the largest and friendliest Monarch butterflies in the world. By releasing butterflies at your wedding or special event, it helps to educate the public by raising their awareness to the beauty and magic of these wonderful creatures.

Fill the sky with a release of beautiful Monarch butterflies and make your wedding or other special occasion truly a memorable event.
[ Live Butterfly Release Pricing and Ordering Information ]
As the bride and groom exit the church or reception, releasing a flight of large, colorful Monarch butterflies instead of throwing birdseed or confetti will create a lasting memory of the event for bride, groom and guest alike. Inside the State of Florida, we offer as an option our beautiful Florida Native Mixture release which includes Monarchs complimented by other species (as available). Painted Lady butterflies are not included in our Florida Native Mixture, but are available separately.

The butterflies are shipped as adults and packaged ready for release. For your very special occasion, personalized imprinted release envelopes are available to fit the occasion and theme. The butterflies are shipped by overnight courier timed to arrive the day of or day before the event. Minimal care is required by the recipient if released within 24 hours of arrival. Care and release instructions are included.

Other events suitable for a butterfly release are birthdays, christenings, business openings, corporate functions, and any other event where family and friends are gathered. Butterflies released at funerals can be very theraputic to the mourning process.