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 Preserving a wedding bouquet

Floral Tape
Floral Wire
Activa's Flower Art Silica Gel
Activa's Dried Flower Saver
Containers with tight fitting lids
Soft Bristled Brush


1. Take a picture of the bouquet before taking it apart. This will help to reconstruct the dried bouquet.
2. If necessary a bouquet may be placed in a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator for one night. Do not try to dry flowers that have wilted or are crushed. It may be necessary to purchase more flowers to fill out the bouquet. Ask the florist to reserve any leftover flowers from the wedding for use in the bouquet.
3. Remove fresh flowers from bridal bouquet as soon after wedding as possible. Place flowers in Flower Art Silica Gel for drying.

General Drying Instructions

1. Take flowers from bouquet as soon as possible. Cut stems to 2". Select flat containers with tight fitting lids. Cover bottom of container with about 1-1/2" of Flower Art Silica Gel. Place flowers face up on Flower Art Silica Gel, spaced so they are not touching. Slowly sprinkle Flower Art Silica Gel over flowers until completely covered. Tightly close the container and put in a dry place where contents will not be disturbed for the drying period.

Drying Period

1. Time required for drying flowers varies with the size, texture and moisture content of the flowers. However, any flower will dry within 3-7 days. Allow seven days for large flowers with many petals like marigolds, dahlias, large rose buds: 3 days for small flowers like pansies, forget-me-nots and field daisies. When drying, pack together those flowers requiring less time to dry in one container and those requiring more time to dry in another container.

Removing Flowers

1. When flowers are dry (Allow the bouquet holder to dry completely before continuing.) add florist wire to stems and tape with florist tape. Insert flowers into bouquet holder in original position. Extend long stems of flowers by taping sections together after drying using matching florist tape. Individual flowers may be dried and wired to a stem or long piece of wire to achieve a cascade effect.
2. Add filler material where necessary to fill out bouquet as all flowers shrink when dried and the bouquet may not be as full as the fresh bouquet.
3. Spray bouquet with Activa's Dried Flower Saver to help preserve flowers from moisture. Pour off the Flower Art Silica Gel until flowers are uncovered. Remove gently and blow away residue of Flower Art Silica Gel that might have adhered. For complete removal of any dust, use a small, soft brush.

Arranging Dried Flowers

1. Since humidity can be a problem after drying certain flowers. It is best that the dried floral be displayed in a clear plastic or glass (shadow box or clear dome) container.
2. To keep flowers at their brightest, store and keep out of direct bright light or sunlight.


There are several different styles of Wedding bouquets to choose from. You may specify your color and kinds of flowers. All Wedding are made from silk flowers. Flowers can be scented for realism. I choose only high quality silks. All Wedding bouquets can be made larger or smaller.

All Wedding bouquets are made of silk flowers and some have preserved greens.
Quality at a fraction of the cost of fresh
Scented or Unscented
Pick your color and your flowers

Cascade Wedding Bouquet

Cascading Wedding Bouquets have been used for many years.   The following instructions will show step by step inserting roses and lily's, but remember you can use these instructions and apply with other flowers.

Large Angled Wedding Holder
5 - Long stems English Ivy
14 - White Roses
3 - Stems White Lilly's

Start by soaking your Wedding Holder in water.  Place in large vase with stuffing (paper towels) to hold bouquet in place while working.

I have cut two of the ivy stems to make pieces to insert into the top and sides of this bouquet.  Longer stems are used at the bottom.

Take roses and cut to size.  Then insert in S shape into the bouquet holder.  We have left sections to add lily stems.  

Next step is to wire three of the roses.  After wiring, you will then add ivy to each stem and wire together like a corsage.

This shows after wiring like corsage.  Each flower is at different lengths as this is how you will create the cascading effect with flowers.

Each of these photos can be enlarged by clicking on the picture and you will need to click on this picture to tell what we are doing here.  The bridle holder has two openings.  You will take the end of your stair stepped roses from above and thread through the front of the holder.  Bring tapped wire down and twist wires together.

We have cut the lily stems to length and placed the lily's in between the roses and filled small ivy in any holes that may not be covered by your flowers.  We also have added ivy to the back of this arrangement to cover the mechanics.





Weddings - Flowers, Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquets: Wedding Flowers and Bridal Bouquets

You can have the wedding of your dreams
and you can have it at any location imaginable - when you carefully plan and select your wedding flowers and lighting. The beauty and fragrance of flowers in combination with the use of natural light, candle light and lighting fixtures sets or enhances your wedding theme. If you've always planned to be married in a romantic paradise, set the scene with soft lighting and warm or pastel shades of pink, lilac, creamy white, gold-tones in the lights, flowers, and ribbons.

If you have your heart set on a lively, party, wedding-celebration, use bright lighting, and brilliant splashes of golds, oranges, cobalt blues, hot pinks, purples and reds in your flowers and accessories.

If you can dream it, you and your florist can build it.

Planning for floral arrangements should begin several months in advance and you should have initial contact with your florist at least one month prior to your wedding.

If you require a large number of arrangements or elaborate designs, your florist may need to start preparation a full week before the wedding. Color-matched ribbons and unique flowers as well as other floral accessories can take time for the florist to special order - often a week (sometimes longer).

If you feel overwhelmed at your first visit, remember, flowers and arrangements are the florist's specialty.

Your florist will be able to offer suggestions and provide you with examples of his or her previous work with flowers, styles, color coordination, accessories and decorations.

When you visit your florist, take a picture of your dress, your bridesmaids' dresses and your groom's clothing. Also take swatches of fabrics including your gown (unless it's pure white) and any pictures from magazines of wedding bouquets, bridal bouquets or flowers that are appealing to you.

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