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The wedding planning is almost over, as one fairy tale romance ends happily ever after, so another begins. Be there when Meredith begins her quest for love on The Bachelorette! The bachelor and bachelorette weekend getaway is in full force, and we can get you there! Plan your weekend's activities, we will provide the transporation. Take a second look at Ryan, Trista and their friends, families and planners.

Are you looking to propose to your own bachelorette or bachelor? When you do, you should do it in style! Rent one of our limousines for a romantic and soothing evening that you and your mate will never forget. We will take care of everything for so that you can relax and enjoy the evening.

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We followed their courtship, the proposal, and now the entire world will watch them tie the knot. We will have all of Trista and Ryan’s wedding secrets, from the money it will cost to the meltdowns it has caused.

Ryan says, "The whole process has just been so crazy for me. We invited 320 people, we hope everyone can come."

But 30 million people will be watching the wedding, and ABC spared no expense, including the $1 million paycheck, which the couple spent wisely.

Trista says, "We just bought a new house and that came from not having to worry about wedding expenses. It is being estimated to be a $4 million wedding. That is crazy to me."

Crazy or not, it is going to be the wedding of the year. And it all started with the bridesmaids. The preparations began at chic store for bridesmaid gowns on New York'.

A famous designers went all out for Trista's gown. The dresses remain hidden, but the price tag for Trista's wedding gown and party dress is $25,000 a piece.

And when it came to walking down the aisle in style, shoe designer Stuart Weitzman stepped right in. He says, "We want this to be the most expensive bridal shoe ever made. She has good taste."

After looking at over 300 pairs of shoes, Weitzman sketched the perfect pair for Trista-- a sandal-toe adorned with diamonds and platinum. And the total cost was over $50,000.

And when they say, "I do," Trista and Ryan will exchange beautiful bands by Paul Tacori, designer to the stars. Trista’s two bands of platinum and diamonds and Ryan’s platinum ring cost $20 thousand total. Trista says, "I just wanted my wedding to be very glamorous and elegant."

It looks like this bride is ready for primetime.

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