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renaissance wedding gown

Finding the perfect medieval wedding dress, invitation, and menu

The medieval wedding is romantic and classic. Here are the key elements that anyone using this theme should include, although you'll find that there are infinite possibilities to showcase your own style.


A medieval wedding dress and grooms attire are essential, of course! This means a wide variety of things depending on whether you want to be peasants, royalty, or anything in between.

The most popular is royal style - full of rich fabrics and elaborate touches. Men should wear doublets, breeches and hose, women should wear Juliet-style dresses. Consider silver, gold, and wine colors rather than white. You may be able to find a great bridesmaid dress that will save you considerable money over a traditional medieval wedding dress.

Look for a Renaissance Fair near you- there should be vendors where you can purchase or special order your dream medieval wedding dress or ensemble. Also, check out for a great variety of clothing. They will make you custom dresses and grooms outfits. For brides seeking a more traditional dress, ask your bridal shop for gowns that have princess lines and drop waists.

But, if you're looking for a true medieval wedding dress, pass up that white frock! Blue was the symbol of purity, not white. (Interestingly, this is why brides today still wear "something blue.) You also could merge the two traditions and wear a white medieval wedding dress with blue trim.

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Our medieval wedding gown takes you back to the days of Guinevere. Live your medieval wedding fantasy with this graceful gown, which is offered in two different styles of velvet or in white deerskin. Cut with princess seams, this gown features metallic or lace trim at the neck, and lacing up the back. The leather or trim belt is worn low on the hip and is attached to the gown with the center back lacing. The gown is lined with china silk.

Style 1178 - The long, fitted sleeves are accented with "slashes," out of which peeks silk chiffon or metallic/silk organza.

Style 1179 - The graceful, flowing sleeves are accented with a puff at the top and a silk chiffon fitted undersleeve.

Available colors: silk white, leather white. Trims subject to availability.


Renaissance Wedding Gown

English Tudor Renaissance Wedding Gown.
This gown is designed from period sources. Constructed with white and ivory brocade (or silver and white), this is a perfect gown for a renaissance wedding. Prices start at about $700, Click here for a pricing chart.
Because this is a new design, photographs are not available- yours will be the original gown in this style.

These are great for Renaissance Festivals, or for your Renaissance Wedding Gown. I am sorry, but white/ivory velvet in not available. Several brocades are available in white, ivory and even silver! There is also a new white chinese silk with cherry blossoms that would be lovely for a truly formal gown.

How to Order:

Please specify on the order form your fabric and color choices for each part of the gown.
Click here for a pricing chart, which also lists each part of the gown.
(you can also select the options on that page, and print the page, then note the fabric colors with each choice.)
Click here to see the fabrics available.
Include a set of your measurements with your order form. When I receive your order, a written confirmation will be sent as confirmation.

Want a fabric not listed? You may provide your own satin, brocade or silk fabric!
Providing your own fabric increases the overall cost of the gown, but is a great way to have a completely unique dress!
How much is needed?
BODICE, UPPER SLEEVE AND OVERSKIRT- 10 yards for no train, 14 yards for with train.
UNDERSKIRT: 2 yards for front only, or 6 for full skirt.
TURNBACK SLEEVES: 3 yards Undersleeves: 1/2 yard
RIBBON TRIM (optional): for each row: 2 yards for neckline, 10 yards for sleeves, 2 yards for front of underskirt, 15 for overskirt, one for headdress. Ribbon trim must be flat, and no wider than 1/2 inch.
Gowns include a bridal hoop skirt for fullness, and a cotton hip length chemise (blouse) to wear underneath. The Gown bodices are fully double lined and boned, and do not require a corset underneath. The bodice will slim your waist by an inch or two, and will still fit if you slim down a bit after ordering (as they lace down the back). If you wish to wear an under corset, I recommend the Century Style Corset in brocade. Gowns take about 2-3 months to complete from the time I receive the paid order. Rush orders may be available, I recommend ordering 4 months before your event.

I do not at this time offer partlets, or ruffs, sorry.
If you have these things, you may of course wear them with the gown for an even fancier look!


 In order to show off their extraordinary wealth, the Italian nobles of the 15th century used huge amounts of fabric in their voluminous garments. It was not uncommon to use 10 yards of silk to make a chemise, with nearly half of that being used for the sleeves! This generous use of fabric plus the myriad of wonderful sleeve styles and ornamentation is what makes Italian Renaissance gowns so wonderful. They're comfortable, too, and are a favorite for wedding and bridesmaid gowns. Price range $250.00 and up

This fully-lined wedding gown is made of satin and brocade and trimmed with woven braid. The sleeves are chiffon, and the gown laces up the back. There is also a detachable train of embroidered chiffon. $500.00 as shown for the gown, $100.00 for the train.

This wedding gown below is made of satin and brocade and trimmed with hand-pearled woven braid. The sleeves are puffed and trimmed to match, and the gown laces up the back. $500.00 as shown.

This bridesmaid's gown is made of purple peachskin and banded with purple and gold metallic trim. There is a split-front chiffon overlay, and the matching chemise is made of chiffon. The two-piece gauntlet-style sleeves have been trimmed to match, and the sleeves tie on with aglet-ended gold lacing, to allow the chemise to puff through. $350.00 as shown

To view more Italian gowns (non-wedding), click here.

Because we make every garment to your specifications you are not limited to just what you see. We can make any desired changes to the design, color, or materials of the garments shown, and all garments are made to your measurements, not some generic "size".

This English Renaissance wedding gown features a mock "chemise" under its boned bodice to imitate the doublets that were tied together during that era; the actual closure of the gown is at the center back. The sleeves are slashed, and the overskirt splits to reveal the delicate sheer under-fabric. The shoulders are accented with padded "crescents" and the sleeves, neckline, and centerfront split are trimmed with any one of our beaded or metallic bridal trims.

Colors available: white, ivory, white/silver, ivory/gold, and pastels when available. Undersleeves and mock chemise available in white or ivory chiffon, or silver or gold metallic organza.

Are you planning a Renaissance wedding?  Any of the various gowns we create can be made specially as wedding gowns. We can outfit your entire wedding party at special package rates from sets as simple as bride, groom, best man, and maid of honor, to a complete formal wedding.  Tell us your needs!

Please inquire about your special needs.

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