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Lake Tahoe is so many things, but it is never the same thing twice. The same thundering waterfall in spring can become a trickle through a golden Aspen grove in fall. In the winter it becomes your favorite double black diamond, aptly named 'Waterfall'.
It is a balloon ride not just over the Jewel of the Sierra, but over dozens of other majestic alpine lakes. It is a hike to any of these lakes.
It is the Lake itself. The sapphire blue waters present opportunities for fun and recreation wherever you look. Summer brings fishing, swimming, boating, jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing, or just hanging out at some of the most beautiful beaches the world has to offer. You don't need to be in a balloon or even on the lake to enjoy it's beauty. The 72 mile drive around the lake is among the world's most beautiful. And the view from any of the peaks surrounding the lake is simply spectacular. For those not looking for a hike of any difficulty, the Gondola at Heavenly provides spectacular views.
It is wilderness areas with no motorized access of any kind. And next to that you'll find some of the best jeep trails anywhere. It is America's most beautiful bike ride as well as America's most beautiful bike ride.
Winter brings a white coat to the blue world. The attention moves from the beaches to the mountain, from the lakes to the backcountry. The region is dotted with first class ski resorts and the backcountry shows up in more ski and snowboard films than almost any other location. Both the south and north shore have recently added much in the way of slopeside accommodations, working hard to attain the elusive ski village atmosphere. It seems they've both succeeded.
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Wedding Planning Consultants at Mountain Lake Weddings

Relax! We take the stress out of your wedding. The professionals at have experience in wedding planning for over 10 years. Our Lake Tahoe consultants are warm, thoughtful and caring.  Our desire is to make your wedding a stress free experience. In our years of providing award winning wedding planning services, we’ve received hundreds of thank you cards and letters from satisfied couples.

Though weddings are one of the most universal experiences, they are also the most personal. Whether weddings are celebrated with a small and intimate gathering, or your encompasses a large and lavish affair, we understand that weddings are very special, heart-felt occasions for you, your guests and your families.


"Looking For A Special Location?"

You've prepared for your wedding day for months. On your celebration day, our planners anticipate helping you fill every moment with memories you will cherish for a lifetime. We’ve carefully selected the most reputable professionals whose quality and prices are unequaled throughout California. Our are warm and caring. They will ensure that every detail of your plans are carried out meticulously and in keeping with your requests.

Many couples tell us that in searching the Internet for convenient Las Vegas chapels, Lake Tahoe Weddings, with locations in either Reno or California, and hundreds of other sites, they were delighted and relieved when they found our wedding planning site.

Whether you select one of our award winning outdoor wedding locations or wedding chapels, our planner will arrange the necessary details. Our goal is to help you relax and enjoy the anticipation of your special day!


The Dream-Maker® Lake Tahoe Weddings takes great pride in providing perfection... perfection beyond imagination, absolute and unwavering attention to every detail we handle. Our main focus is dedication and devotion to making your wedding day a perfect dream come true!

Lake Tahoe Weddings! What a perfectly wonderful and natural place to have your wedding! Surrounded by beauty year round, Lake Tahoe offers you an unforgettable experience for your wedding and honeymoon are endless. There are chapels & ministers for all tastes, coordinators to help with the details, photographers to capture unforgettable moments, intimate inns on the Lake that can handle all your needs and casino resorts for your guests to entertain themselves!

Use the DIRECTORY links listed at the right for a complete listing of wedding services and professionals who will help you make your Lake Tahoe Wedding a very special occasion.

There is also an extensive listing in our lodging section for a special honeymoon hideaway, reception facilities or accommodations for your entire wedding party.

Every detail has been attended to by the wedding experts of The Wedding Chapel at Harveys.

Whether it's the two of you escaping for your special moment -- or a grand affair -- The Wedding Chapel at Harveys offers the perfect setting. 18 foot high windows surround you, allowing you to enjoy the majesty of the mountains.

Because The Wedding Chapel is located inside Harveys, Lake Tahoe's extraordinary resort hotel, a memorable wedding and honeymoon stay are assured.

At 6220 feet in elevation, Lake Tahoe nestles into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The lake's sparkling reflection reveals a blanket of spruce and pines dotting the perimeter with magnificently imposing mountains reaching 10,000 feet in the clear blue sky. Lake Tahoe, with its unparalleled beauty, recreational appeal, and dazzling night life make it a spectacular destination for your wedding, your guests and your honeymoon. Amidst all this shines the perfect setting for your wedding and honeymoon, the Wedding Chapel at Caesars and Caesars Lake Tahoe Resort.

Caesars Lake Tahoe Resort is a full-service casino-resort featuring 450 rooms and suites, seven restaurants, indoor swimming pool, health club, full-service beauty facility, other amenities and the "most beautiful chapel in the state of Nevada." In actuality, the Wedding Chapel at Caesars consists of two chapels, the beautiful indoor chapel and the natural but seasonal outdoor chapel. In addition, weddings are performed off-premise at several outdoor scenic locations, under permit of the U.S. Forest Service.

Just one call arranges all your wedding and reception plans as our professional coordinators can assist you in planning your Lake Tahoe Wedding from 2 to 150 people. From grand affairs to intimate romantic settings for just the two of you, we tailor to fit any special request or any budget.

The indoor Wedding Chapel at Caesars features an exquisite setting in pastels, majestic Corinthian columns and ivory pews.

Classical notes fill the air originating from the ivory grand piano as the bride makes her entrance. The marble processional aisle leads to the raised altar where the Bride and Groom will exchange their vows beneath a towering domed ceiling enhanced by a delicately airbrushed sky. The couples first kiss will take place beneath the raised heavens and they may select a ceremony setting amidst a glowing sunset, mystical moonlight or the brilliance of a blue sky.

For those who wish to blend wedding tradition with the magnificence of the Sierra outdoors, the outdoor Wedding Chapel at Caesars gracefully sets the stage.

The setting blends exquisitely groomed gardens with a roman fountain, seating for up to 150 guests and a majestic Corinthian pavillion that strategically highlights the site of the ceremony. The heavens are real in this chapel and towering pines with blue sky loom above the Florentine gardens as music fills the air and the bridal processional begins.

Every guest will enjoy the special moment right down to the last vow from the Bride and Groom thanks to the sophisticated sound system built into the chapel.

May through October are ideal months for the outdoor wedding chapel.