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Wedding Bands - Do you know when and why married men started wearing wedding bands on their fingers? Find out what makes mens bands different from other styles of wedding rings and bridal jewelry, and how it was used in history.

Diamond Wedding Bands
Diamond Anniversary Bands
Company: Mondera
Pricing (at time of review): $375.00 - $5,850.00
Bands: 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, or Platinum
30-Day Return Policy
An exquisite line of diamond wedding bands and diamond anniversary bands. Mondera has a stunning selection and all bands are platinum or 18K gold. Over 40 band types and styles include all diamonds, diamonds and sapphires, diamonds and rubies, channel set, baguette diamond wedding bands, diamond eternity bands, platinum, and 18k gold.
Why did Mondera rate our Editor's Pick?
In addition to a fine selection of high quality bands and a competitive return policy, many selections have matching diamond engagement rings with your choice of cut/shape for the center diamond. Mondera also demonstrates their commitment to excellence in customer service with an impressive array of tools and resources to assist you in selecting the right jewelery based on price, taste, occasion, and quality.

Mondera's Thirty Day Return Policy
Mondera's fine diamonds and timeless jewelry should meet or exceed your expectations. However, if you are not completely satisfied, we are pleased to offer a thirty (30) day return policy on all purchases.
See the Mondera web site for additional details.

Celebrate your years together with a stunning Mondera diamond band.

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Wedding bands are a symbol of the everlasting love a couple shares. The never-ending band is much more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a representation of the devotion two people who will share their life together have for each other.
Some women wear wedding rings with engagement rings or a wedding ring set, but there are also lots of women who wear wedding bands. Not all wedding bands are plain gold bands, but there are a number of them that have gemstones and designs.

There are lots of different types of wedding bands. You can get a wedding band that has gemstones, such as diamonds, rubies or sapphires. The gemstone makes the band more decorative than a plain band.

Other designs are the Milgrain design. Milgrain wedding bands have a domed look with a ridged edge design. It is a way to have a subtle design without taking the beauty away from the domed ring design.

You can look for Celtic bands that are reminiscent of Ireland. The intricate beautiful styles inspired by Ireland are very popular designs.

Wedding bands do not have to be plain domed bands, but can have designs or be different colors. You can get wedding bands in white, yellow or two-tone gold, platinum, titanium or silver. Each type of metal has its benefits. Compare and see which type would fit you and your lifestyle.

A couple does not have to get same exact matching wedding bands. If he prefers a thicker, heavier ring with no design and she wants a diamond wedding band in two tone gold; go for it! There are no rules regarding wedding jewelry. Do whatever you, as a couple, want to do.

As always, it's recommended to comparison shop and to see the many choices, so you can get a better deal.